Is it okay for software engineers like us to go out to eat every day? I just don’t find the time to cook for myself. And honestly the time spent cooking would be better spent learning (judging by our hourly rate). Do you think it’s okay for devs to have such a luxurious life style (eating out is a privilege!) because our minds are so taxed on learning and creating?

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    Totally fine
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    Not doing this every day but several times a week. Why not? I really like good food and finding new awesome restaurants :) and its less stressful for me
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    It's totally fine, but I always found cooking somehow relaxing. It is still technical in a way but also provides space for a little creativity, I wish I had more time and opportunities to cook, it takes your mind away from computers for a moment. At moments like these I sometimes think of solutions to problems actually.
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    I'd not agree with the reason for that being too focused on learning/creating - but if it helps you reduce stress and you can afford it, why not? Just don't stop enjoying it.
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