Me: *spends three days trying to format a string to replace two backslashes with one*

Python: Here you go!

str = bytes(str,"utf-8")

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    Really, 3 days?
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    You gonna have a bad time if you use str for a variable name.
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    @DeepSpace just used it for the example lol
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    @zacg It’s surprisingly difficult even with regex. But yes, three days but only working for about 3 hours each day.
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    @Japhy nine hours.

    str.gsub! /\\\\/, '\\'
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    Hmm not the best way but off the top of my head I would've converted to character array iterated through it and check for the current and next character being a backslash and then only add it once to the new built up string
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    Being the java guy,

    str.replaceAll("\\\\", "\\");
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