I currently use atom, but what major differences does it have to other text editors like vs code etc. that would make you prefer said editors?

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    uuUUUUuuu! Editor wars! *claps hands*

    Atom is slow. VS Code is pretty much the same, but faster. Plus a few good integrated features. If I'm gonna use Atom, might as well go full on Sublime instead.

    But all 3 of them suck when you're coding in some frameworks with weird dependency systems and intersecting technologies.
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    VS code is the same but seems faster. I have eclipse installed, since most of my team uses it, but an IDE feels so fat after using a smaller code editor.
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    I've used eclipse mostly for java development, and I love it for that! But when I'm working on other things, I've been using atom. It seems fine for now, especially with the git integration.
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