Fuck my broken brain. I’ve been taking various meds for depression/ptsd for 11 years, and just when you think you’re making progress it comes back and takes a nice big shit in your slippers.

I Referee grass roots football (soccer) on the weekends, and I’ve been out with an injury. I should have been reffing a women’s game this afternoon but my damaged brain has other ideas.

Sometimes I just want to scream fuck it all and move to the woods to become a full time spoon whittler

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    @1989 thanks. It does, but it’s just frustrating.

    I was medically discharged from the army for depression/ptsd after getting injured in Afghanistan.

    I’ve made so much progress since then, I have a good job, I’m getting married in August, my partner and I have a house together. But it just feels like 1 step forwards 2 steps back sometime.

    I know this won’t last, it’s always worse at the beginning of the year, it goes in 3 month cycles, but it doesn’t half get on my tits
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    Dont picture your brain as broken. If you experienced heavy stuff then it is only healthy to be impaired by it. But our brains are by far the most amazing meat blobs crawling this earth and you can overcome the worst obstacles and traumata. Life is a struggle and it will always be this way, for some more than for others, but never undermine your successes and never surrender to the devil.
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    To make myself feel a little better I booked the rabbits in with the vet to have their bits chopped off, I’m tidying the kitchen and doing a complete refresh of my MacBook and iMac.

    Also sorting out my desk to set up a proper working environment
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    @wolt hopefully the image comes through. They’re much bigger now, the black one is Frank, the grey and white one is Spencer
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    @wolt the one problem with tidying up is re-installing Xcode. Been installing for about 4 hours now
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    @zarathustra awww, they're cute! 🐰🐰 😍

    Cool nickname/handle you've got btw 😉
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    @wolt thanks, they’re cheeky little fuckers, but they do know how to turn on the charm. Project tidy up is coming along nicely, got the computers sorted d but might need to hire a skip to sort the desk out
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