Sometimes I think we developers are pretty arrogant.
And after 2 hours in work I recognize everyone else is so fucking stupid

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    @1989 cause I hate that people for being stupid as hell. And that makes me think i'm arrogant :)
    So u see it's the circle of being developer
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    Most people put no thought into anything. And when they do its considered the slower process. And is some times shunned in certain environments. Sadly you are simply recognizing the pattern and showing your anger that the preconceived notion that people who put in effort are slow and taking to long. To do something that to some would be a simple task they understand that solving the issue properly may cost them their jobs. It is not that they are stupid. They just understand that solving the problem would make less work for them.
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    And some are just stupid or don't give a rats ass.
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    If people are seeing something which they can do better in less time and don't try do improve it. They are stupid.

    I understand that they don't want to loose their job. But I think they are stupid cause they can have other, better tasks.
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    Developers arrogant?

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    Is it being condescending when you actually have to explain it like they're 5?

    Does expecting non-developers to make horrible suggestions make you arrogant, despite it practically always being true?

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    "everyone else is stupid but I'm smart"
    - a totally normal thought of a 15 year old feeling all the weight of the world on it's small emotional teenage shoulders.
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    Developers are arroga?

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    @CodeError I thought this was a thought provoking rant until I read, "everyone else is so fucking stupid." And then I thought, "Hell Yeah!!! Fuck those people!!!"
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