I just started commenting my code. I know, its horrible i havent done this earlier..
I actually enjoy it now, i can express rage, write small jokes for myself to read next time i gotta edit the code, or just remind myself how fucking stupid i used to be

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    Honestly, I rarely leave comments because I make sure my variable and method naming has good readability so that another programmer can follow along easily. If I have to use short variable names in something like swift, I'll leave very small comments. No need for an essay...
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    @ch715t0 i felt like i was overkilling with comments as well.. But from experience, rather have too many than too few comments.
    Im still learning, so i gotta learn to read code better, write more readable i guess, and also comment just what needs comments
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    @ch715t0 pretty much this :)
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    Even if you dont write clean Code, too many comments can be bad as well.
    If it is too much unnecessary noice it will make it Harder to read the actual Code.

    If you want to learn how to write readable Code without comments i recommend the book "Clean Code" for you
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    I write code so my younger colleague can understand faster
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    @Wizard the one written by Robert Cecil Martin?
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    @rasm945i that's the one
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    @Wizard thanks, have your first 2 ++ :P
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    @rasm945i i kinda feel special now.
    Hope this doesn't develop into some kind of complex ^^
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    @Wizard probably a stupid question, but the content of the book can be applied to basically all programming languages, right?
    Like, it doesnt explain just how to write clean Python code for example
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    @rasm945i not all all but most. Especially oop languages.

    Some of it's content can be applied to everything tho, since it also talks about architecture.

    Here is a Video about the SOLID principels which are also mentioned in the book: https://youtu.be/TMuno5RZNeE

    The book is just an entrance but i've learned much from it.
    You can read it on the go since no PC is required.

    There are some Code examples in Java but you dont need to know Java to get the idea of what he's trying to tell. But an understanding of oop should be a given.
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