Teaching JavaScript to a master of classical programming (only uses C++, Python, Ruby, etc.). Here are the results:

1. What
2. What the fuck
3. Why
4. Why the fuck
5. Oh shit that's useful
6. Oh shit that's stupid
7. Why would anyone do that
8. Why isn't anyone else doing that
9. This is crazy complex
10. This is stupid easy

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    @1989 some of those that choose to look into the void lose their minds. Others become stronger. I have done both. That voids name? Javascript.
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    @irene class project building a web service with node :P he could write C++ extensions but then severe responsibility would fall on him alone
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    I think it’s better to learn js but to write in js-compilable language, while keeping comments. I prefer keeping dynamic typing, but others don’t like it
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    @-vim- yeah dynamic typing can introduce uncertainty into your code if you don't know what you're doing, but like... Avoiding that isn't very hard. It also adds the slightest compile time, but I can't imagine a scenario where you have so many variables that it's significantly different.
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    @Crazed I mean that trying to make a dynamic language static is not what I prefer, except in some cases where it is useful
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    The people who think javascript is easy aren't understanding it properly
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    @Hedgepig we choose to code in vanilla javascript and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard
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