I don’t get marketing directors. They basically get paid a ton of money to pay an agency to do their job.

I mean... my mum could pick up the phone to an agency and say “make me a campaign for this”.

What’s worse is when said marketing director comes over to the tech people and starts asking questions, and you KNOW he’s only asking them because someone at the agency he’s hired has asked him the same question.

And then sometimes I find myself feeling sorry for them. Imagine being a marketing person... imagine being a useless cunt and knowing everyone knows it..,

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    Sales people.
    All they know how to do is talk.

    Marketing people.
    All they know how to do is make people hate them.

    Marketing directors know how to do both.
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    @Root I’d upvote that 100 times if I could.
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    Ah yes, but what about a marketing director for an agency? That's recursion-level-shit right there...
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    I notice as a company groups in size, the number of people not at the bottom doing the actual work, mushrooms.

    I once worked in a place that started out with one person on the customer counter doing everything.

    Eventually, it grew to 1,000 people working in the company.

    But still just one person on the customer desk doing grunt work..
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    @Root Totally agree with @SSDD
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    Fuck my life some marketing wank has just emailed me some medium post about ux design.

    You know, and I mean you KNOW that in that insects mind he is like “yeah so I gave the designers some ideas for the project”

    Fuck off and die you absolute scrotum.
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    So here i am, a developer in a marketing department of a medium sized company.
    But it's actually a pretty cool job where you can try out a lot of things, i quite like it.
    I'm only responsible for coding stuff (companies website, blog, SEO, CRM like software or even games for fairs etc.) but i see that other people in my department aren't respected just because they work in marketing.
    When they ask people if they have an interesting project to share they simply don't answer.
    Hell, some don't even pickup the phone when they see it's from marketing.
    And if we then develop the campaigns without them based on assumptions we make (because they don't even tell us what technology they work with) we get complains as soon as the campaign launches because it's bullshit.
    I even once got shouted at from an ex-employee just because i worked in marketing. (no joke, i didn't even know the guy)
    It got a lot better after we said "we aren't doing anything if you don't work with us".
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    Just wanted to tell you a bit from the otherside, as i'm a bit between marketing&tech.
    It can be really cool if people cooperate with marketing. (if your marketing department has skills of course)
    I don't think you can say it's bad in general.
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    @yerst It would be really cool if marketing people cooperated with tech people.
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