There are these type of costumers who think they better know how much time it takes to do something then me. They think because they can do a little SQL and VBA, they know what it takes to work on an E-Commerce Plattform. What’s wrong with this shitheads? How about some respect?
They tried to compare the integration of an Instagram wall with integrating automated product variations. They then proposed some plugins that i should use. Surprise the plugins are completely useless for the usecase.
I just want to hit them with their dumbness. In the face. Very hard.

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    I hate dipshits like that. Have one at work in Purchasing. He "knows a little bit about programming" (read: knows how to use the sum() function in excel) so he feels entitled to tell us what is/is-not possible, how things should work, and how long they should take.
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