Is it just me or is Vuex's documentation confusing?

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    Same but I’m a noob. It’s on me and not the documentation because vue-router and vuejs’s docs are beautiful
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    I'm a noob to Vuex, but I swear it seems like the documentation jumps around and has examples which don't make sense to me, and that don't reinforce how I should build it.
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    Yeah there was not that much love put into the vuex docs as into the other docs when I use it 5 months ago. But if you wrap your head around it, it’s pretty easy.
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    @L8NightScience I am a backend guy so not much into js frameworks but from what I read the state management is more or less the same if you are using redux or vuex or something else. And so you could use any tutorial to lernen state management and then focus back on vuex for the details.

    "If you don't know what state management is, you probably will not need it." think was the first sentence in the doc.
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