Why the heck does every big "giant" wants to promote their own framework? It almost feels like politics of the tech industry. It's not about using the "best", but using "our own". Everyone wants to claim their territory however ridiculously small and unimportant it is. So, I'll have to replace Bootstrap with some framework client designated after completing the project, and see what will be broken.
The good thing about working in an agency is you get to work on such a variety of projects, which can also be the fucking damn thing. Heck I'm not looking to work in an agency for my next job.

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    The usual "not invented here" syndrome.

    That happens everywhere, not just big companies.

    The issue is just, that frameworks of the big companies you're obliged to use, permanently change big portions of their systems. So you're always having a hard time to keep up with that alien shitware instead of doing the work you're really hired for.
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    there is a good reason for this. licences, and patents, and... lawyers.
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