This guy is supposed to be a "spring framework guru"

Yo Mr. Guru, this is not how you write a pom file especially when you are teaching someone who probably is new to programming. Just think if the new guy/girl goes on to write such xml files in the future. What are you even trying to do man.

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    I need context. What is wrong in the pom file besides the alignment of the xml tags? The image is blurry af so I can't really tell.
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    @AleCx04 the alignment is the one biggest problem here. Nothing else. You cannot ignore alignment while writing xml files.
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    @bitsnpieces at least in intellij ctr alt l will format your xml nicely.
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    Ctrl + Shift + F in eclipse. But this is a tutorial article. You dont show unaligned xml files here. What if some one picked it up from here that that is how you actually write an xml file. Out of all places, the you need to get your files in order in a tutorial code piece.
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    @bitsnpieces i would reckon that anyone looking into java spring would know better. Its not like you go from hello world to creating factory configs :P
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