Today FileZilla saved my life by storing all site connection passwords in base64
Without it we'd have lost access to an old production server 👌

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    @ramen its how I found out a colleague's pw when he hooked me up with an xml file of connections 👀
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    FZ does indeed save it by base64, they didn't obfuscate it for a long time.. and now, they're even stating the obfuscator in the file itself...

    This is a huge security hole, when dealing with RATs etc. Even with base64 encoding.
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    Backdoor or exit door 🚪?
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    @African it's already the Suicide Window ;)
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    There's a fork exactly for that, fzs.
    And it doesn't bother you to update when you're opening the damn thing to use it.
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    @nbamaral worth looking into, cheers! (I only use it for quick uploads though)
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