When you escape outside from everybody, and the nature gives you its best debugging buddy!

Sorry for the quality, it was dark and that's the best I could do with it.

It scared the shit out of me at first :D

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    "can you help me find the cause of this memory leak please?"
    "ok let me see..."
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    @beleg it looks like going into hyper-speed and using your notebook to travel through dimensions

    I might have watched a bit too much Doctor Who.
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    @404response πŸ˜… it's probably because I fail to hold my tablet still while taking pictures from her moving aroung.
    Here she settled somewhere at last. Said she won't waste more time on my code, and I better rewrite it from scratch.
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    @beleg ah np πŸ˜„ he is so cute, you should sit down at that place again and see if the cat comes back
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    Thats goddamn adorable 😍
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    She's adorable! Also ++ for GNOME
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