So at the beginning there was assembly.

But people wanted something more highlevel, so C was born.

But writing big projects was a pain so C++ was invented.

But then the web started to become more popular and C++ wasn‘t really good at that, so Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP.

And then everything moved to the client and should be loaded dynamically for better UX, so everyone writes JS.

But JS doesn‘t have a good performance, so people created web assembly compiled from C...

Am i the only one who sees the irony in this?

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    It was first supported by c and c++ season since it evolved from emscriptem which is a project for cross-compiling c and c++ into javascript.

    This was done towards a subset of js that browsers could optimize very well and Mozilla specifically created asm.js which improved this optimization.

    From this webassembly was born.

    But already many more high level languages are beginning to be supported.

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    There is a reason C is still so relevant
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    Check out CUDA machine learning programs. They r big and they use C. On the other hand, you can use js to do everything. From server to bitcoin mining, everything...
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    @irene I use react for front-end web, express for server, react native for mobile app. Can't think anything else. :D
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    @sunfishcc the world doesn't end with mobile and web does it? You can't make an OS with JS for example. Or a AAA video game. All languages exist for a reason after all.
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    @eternallyAlone we have built apps with React native js to control raspberry pi to print labels and monitoring room temperature. Anything is possible :D
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    @sunfishcc but react does not exclude webassembly as they can live side by side and react can call methods in the wasm.

    Also its quite possible that react could be server side compiled into wasm.

    Much of the magic in react is in the way state dictates everything and that could possibly be written in any language.
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