Pluralsight is so infuriating. First of all my trial lapsed (classiccc move) so I figured I would use it.

They’re content is so outdated.. it’s driving me mad. The past 3 courses have been 2+ years out of date.. and I get it, it’s a lot of work to maintain a course but could you not at least provide links or new annotations?

And I’m not talking a couple of package version updates where things change. This guy is using Bower which to my knowledge is pretty much deprecated and references yarn. Which completely breaks the course.

My thing is, why are you charging $30/month (i think), if I have to jump through these hoops to learn??? I was doing a great job of that on my own via google and YouTube.

The one Udemy course I bought is constantly being updated with notes and annotations and boy do I appreciate that. They’re marketing and cookies are toxic but at least the content is reliable.

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