I have stopped Windows updates in my laptop. But no windows has to do some shit in order to maintain its reputation. Every 10 min I get this pop up.

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    Is there a way to stop this? I'm having the same here.
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    There's probably a good reason to update, you know?

    Like, protecting yourself from getting your ass kicked by Meltdown or Spectre.
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    @PrivateGER What if, hypothetically, the copy is pirated?
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    @navin Then you're a pirate. Which is shitty.
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    @PrivateGER Hypothetically!!!
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    @PrivateGER I'm on a limited data package dude!
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    @navin Then you can't update. Still, you should do that. Maybe go to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot if it's a Laptop.
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    @PrivateGER thats not a good idea in my 3rd-world country. hehe..
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    @PrivateGER I don't think so that those problems can occur on my pc as far as I know since I'm using 4th gen i7 . It clearly shows Microsoft doesn't give a shit about your setting preferences, I have put my system on metered connection which means don't fucking download anything without asking me. But it did that download of 200 mb anyways.
    Hail open source, long live the Linux
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