I just want to burst out how i feel, after that I'll be back to my project in ElectronJS, so bear with my story :)

I observed from a friend of mine....

October will be their 2nd take Thesis project... same project, the only thing is they purchased the software and never understood any of the code. At the defense(Last Tuesday) they were caught, they made excuses. Database diagram that has many tables that are not connected, and only 1 "Many-to-many" relationship without associative table.

I know from the beginning that "she" will fail over and over until the time she really needed my help... She kept her pride, knowing that she is capable of being independent...
To be frank, It's really hard to become an independent person, I always ask advice for revising my code, explaning this function and many more. I'm not saying that its a karma for her. Let her lesson be learned from these past years.

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