I'm getting convinced that some areas are not teachable. You have to learn it by yourself. Databases (sql), for instance, the teacher never manages to get the class attention. Even I that consider myself a very interested guy can't handle 2 hours of his explanations. I tried to think in a better way he could teach the content but don't really think there is one ..Do you guys faced issues like that in school?

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    All the time man. School had some interesting topics for sure. And i liked it. But the one true way to learn it is taking matters into yo own hands.
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    well.... in this case a good basic theory never hurt anyone. you can get results from sql without prior knowledge, but without a bit of exprience it go go downhill fast.
    Just make sure you look at it again after 3 months...
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    SELECT [StudentsAttention]
    FROM School.Class
    WHERE [Bored] = ‘Yes’
    AND [ClassTimeInHours] >= 1.5


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