Client: Once this app hits the market I'll give each of you $500!
Us: *screams of surprise*
Client: Hong kong Dollars

Better than nothing amirite? :p

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    60 something bucks not bad. Take wifey out for a *small* dinner lol.
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    That's a lot of money in Bulgaria.
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    @intromatt And nearby nothing in germany :D
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    A case of beer and 2 slices of pizza in Vancouver. @Christian1998
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    What kind of app only worth 60$?
    Calculator or some buttons doing intents lol
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    @Vitz read it again... U understood it wrong
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    @irene you forgot Slovakia, if suddenly cars became priceless our economy would crash really, really, really hard
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    @irene oh, sorry my bad, I kinda flew over the comments and saw you mentioned Slavic countries, I did not remember what exactly you wrote
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