- finish that ML course I started back in June 2017
- get more experience from my job
- improve my code quality even better.
- build some cool project in Java ( there's this company I need to impress, but I haven't found any good idea to implemen 😣)
- be more active on Hackerrank
- do some stuff here and there
- use that freaking LinkedIn to create some meaningful connections
- contribute to an open source project
Hmmm ...
... yeah that's a lot ... *sigh*

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    And it all starts with the first step. :)
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    @julianmd first step is always hard 😥
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    You already got ML job? And what course you enrolled in?
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    @TheCrott oh no, I'm working a backend dev, ML is just something I've been passionate about since last year and have started a course to learn more.
    It's a course on Coursera.
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    @rising oh great! I want make a switch to data scientist (was a backend dev) and currently doing Fast.ai course
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    @TheCrott good luck, let's hope we make our dreams come true ✌
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    @rising yeah good luck with you too
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