10 years experience in DoD C4I enterprise hardware and software.
Looks at civilian job (requires A+)
Gets A+
Looks at civilian job (requires Network+)
Gets Network+
Looks at civilian job market (requires Security+)
Gets security+
Looks at civilian job market (requires CCNA)
Getting CCNA
Looks again at job market (requires CCNP)

Job interview "we don't think you have a strong enough background"

Looks back at my 5 million dollar military flying robotic server FML

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    With this experience you can make a living on your own.
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    I'm a senior instructor for military tier 2 UAS and C4I technician but can't get an entry level IT job.
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    @bitflow live in des moines? I can get you a job in transportation IT.
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    I used to work in simulations for ARNG at Ft. Leavenworth. Almost everybody I worked with from that program is still working in Defense, is retired, or has switched fields.

    Private sector employers don't care about your clearance.
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