Now i told u have to work 44 hours in a week, after 3 mounths they will hire me if i be good enough.
Sounds scary a littlešŸ¢

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    44 hours is just 4 hours more than usual...
    Not that bad.
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    Is that even legal
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    Doesn't matter how good you are they will kick you šŸ˜‚ Never agree to something like this. Let them test your skills in 1-2 days not 3 month this sounds like they need help for free on a project

    And even if they'll take you this won't be a place someone would like to work because they remember they can do stuff like this with you and you end up as an slave
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    44 is way better than 40 + 4 voluntarily
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    Ask them if they would provide you with an internship certificate or anything that proves you worked there for them, might help you in finding other jobs.
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    3 months would be the longest interview anyone has ever faced I guess.

    Dont go for it. Tell them to take your interview and ask whatever they want in those 2 hours(max).
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    @itsme updates pls
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