What could possibly be wrong with me if I had to look at almost every single answer of the Basic Algorithm Scripting exercises on FreeCodeCamp? I spend days tying to solve some of them and just couldn’t. Had to look at the answers. Then I try few days after and maybe remember half of the answer. How can I change this?

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    Patience is whats hurting you ma brotha. What you need to do is take time and do them yourself regardless of how much time they take you.

    Don't get frustrated and ask for help man.
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    @AleCx04 thanks man. I know I’m on a state of impatience just because I need to fully understand that this is a marathon not a sprint. I went to a boot camp though and don’t get me wrong. I could possibly answer many concepts but when I sit to solve them I think: Well...if I spend 4-5day on a single exercise I might be a good developer in 10-15 years...how am I going to provide for my family and future kids? That’s why I’m so overwhelmed.
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    @waldothedev i will tell ye a secret about the coding excercises. They are tougher than actual development is. No seriously they are! So for example I remember a lot of people having a haaaaaaaaard time with the rot 13 excercise. It was a tough challenge and many in the community where feeling down because of it. Knowing how the algo works and solving it by taking as many steps as possible, even if it takes you a month is great, because the ammount of experience that you are gonna take from it far surpases what you really are gonna be doing as a web developer. It will make you more aware and better of the things you are doing. So do not fret about the time. It most certainly not mean that you will be great 10 years from now, but it means that you are already great from taking the time to do it. Have fun bro and don't let the time it takes you or others dictate your feelings or experience with it. Passion and persistance is worth more.
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