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Any stargate fans on here? Can we talk like one minute about stargate origins? It's like. I mean. Fuck. Is it really that bad or am I missing a huge part?

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    false && true
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    Kurt Russell is the fucking man and rocks that damn beret.
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    Stargate? STARGATE? **hyperventalating**
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    You know o'Neil is played by a different actor right? Origins is the first film?
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    @bashleigh welcome to devRant and I already like you, but I'm not talking about the film (which was great btw.) but the new series (https://youtu.be/Itqq9hzLapk) the episodes are about ~10min each, not following sg canon (so far IMO) and just overall don't feel right. Why bring in nazis? Just to get an Indiana Jones feeling? Why redefine the "physics" of the gate (and the animation), why... It just doesn't feel like stargate to me. It just doesn't feel like when I was young(er) and waited a week for SG1 (or Atlantis, which was fucking brilliant, too) to come out...
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    @allthingsinmod yeah and now we got nazis and a guy looking like 13...
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    @LynxMagnus not sure how this is dev related...
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    @Wack oooooo ive not seen this!! I'll have to check it out but yes sounds a bit meh. However I think series 9 was a bit shit with all the medevil-galaxy shit.
    I kinda wanted them to continue with universe as it ended on a cliff hanger. Although it was a bit samey every episode. Oh we've got to get home but don't know how boohoo, didn't really get it?

    Thanks! You only said that because of the Stargate reply? XD
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    @bashleigh Took me a while to get into Universe, but I ended up really liking it. Wish it went on for another season or two.

    Also, Stargate Atlantis is my fave
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    @ElbowDeepInElmo can't get better than SG1 though.
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    For SGU: they (or someone from the team) actually published part of the script for the next season. From what I remember: eli realises, he can't fix the pod, so he ends up uploading his conciousnes to the ships computer.

    There now however is a comic continuing the SGU story. I saw it while I was in Scotland last summer in a comic shop there. There the story continues, by them exploring other parts of the ship and find parts of the original crew in stasis pods.
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    @Wack it's not but your statement implies it is.
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