Just realised that the css tag
!important does the opposite of what a dev would understand 😂

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    Always thought this was so weird. Like couldn't you use any other symbol.
    *important or &important
    Would make so much more sense.
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    Wait...is it important or not?!!??!
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    I made that mistake today, asked someone why that particular wasn't important, they just chucked and then continued to explain
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    CSS4 change log:
    "!important" was changed to "important!!!"
    Also priority levels are introduced.
    You can now set the importance of a property by the following keywords:
    "important!!!", "more importantanter!", "most important!!‼️‼️‼️❕❕❗❗".
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    I automatically add !important to anything my wife says.
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    I hadn't thought of !important like that till now.

    Why did you have to do this.

    Why do I have to read it as not important from now on....
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