Still can't find a decent node MVC framework. Thought I'd list out all my requirments and what I'd like.
Turned into a readme of me moaning about current frameworks. Not sure I want this on github


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    @Unipheas I quite like it! However there's no service container to play with :( I'll have a play with it though :p thanks!
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    @Unipheas I take that back! It has modules? Looks similar to what I'm thinking of!!
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    @Unipheas I'd help!! Just got to think of something decent to add
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    If you use React, store is your controller. Every component is a view.
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    @sunfishcc store isnt a comtroller, its more of just a way to store state. react router is the closest thing to a controller in pure react, but expressjs is closer to a controller
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    @sunfishcc I was going to say basically this too. For the ease of data-driven logic and view separation (like MVC) I really like React with Redux.
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