A question to employers?

Experience or qualifications?

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    If I was hiring, it would be experience trumps qualifications.

    Followed by, ability trumps qualifications.
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    Ability trumps everything.
    Experience value is ephemeral, and it often hinders innovation. It's so bad, that I have to learn to not rely on it that much.

    Experience says that doing something in way A is better than way B. Over time, however, things often get reversed.
    The part of experience that lets you know all these ways to do a thing is good. The part that tells you which one to choose is bad.

    There's a good reason why the most successful projects in history were done by people in their 20s. Relying on experience makes you conservative in software development, good ideas get discarded early on, innovative ways to solve problems are forfeited for "old but good".
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    Both experience as well as qualifications
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    > Relying on experience makes you
    > conservative in software development,

    Sort of agree there.

    The role of management would be to take advantage of experience, but to tinge it with management ability so as to direct experienced staff to be less conservative.

    Otherwise I find people with ability making mistakes that those with experience would not.

    Though I have seen people with experience, who also have the ability to behave non-conservative, but getting both qualities in one person is rarer than having two people who each have only one ability shining in them.
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    Everything is about ability to do the job. Experience and qualifications are approximations of that ability.
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    Depends upon the type of experience and type of qualifications
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