'Google knows everything about you.'
'Facebook records conversations.'
'Personalized ads manipulate you.'

Guess that's why YouTube showed me an ad in Spanish yesterday. Or why I never clicked on an ad. Or why only every 1 in approx. 10 ads is somewhat relevant to me (and thats with me explicitly stating my interests in ad personalization options).

I don't have anything against shielding your privacy. It's your right not to use a product if you don't want to, but I don't see how people can make these statements without providing solid proof.

Just my opinion.

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    it's all about how much you feed to the machines, I think. The algorithms have gotten more precise though, I think. An example: Years back, I saw an ad for a turtle forum on FB. Haven't seen anything this random in ages now
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    One day google suggested me what i was thinking about.
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    The thing is, if you want your privacy don't use the app... But of course then you don't get to watch YouTube :D
    Ads are still pretty bad at personalized targetting, but they are getting better.
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    Just because they monitor and collect and record and analyze everything they possibly can doesn't mean they're good at using it.

    But they'll keep the data forever, likely long after you and your grandchildren have died.
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    I had a youtube ad, for the video i was about to watch...
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    @Pseudonymous Fucking thank you. In the cases of fb/google, literally reading their privacy policy and a little logical thinking already proves this and its also their business model, nothing secret about that.

    As for the ads, there have been studies all over coming to this conclusion and its also logical, ads want to manipulate people into buying shit, that's the entire fucking idea behind them 😆
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