!rant question:
How does military level security can be achieved in a software company?
Do we really need two computers for each dev, one local and one for using internet? Is there any standard on setting up an infrastructure like that? Point me if you have any info please.

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    Im not even working in milsec (just health) and I got two footrests(pc) plus all devices off and stored in my bag.
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    I worked at a place where some of us had two computers - online and offline with a kvm. Most of the staff staff had only the offline one though. This was quite a few years ago so idk if they still do that.
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    @Falk how does this affect your work performance btw? What kinda problems you face if you don't mind me asking?
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    @spacem I feel like there should be a better solution but I don't know. I mean how does spaceX do this kinda thing? I know they need to be secure but sure they need to update those machines, they need internet and whatnot.
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