I'm trying to update my addon-list, what are (firefox-)addons you say are a must have? (My focus is on privacy, anti-tracking and shitloads of open tabs)

As of now my addons are:
Adblock plus
DDG privacy essentials
Https everywhere
Privacy badger
Self destroying cookies
Tab suspender

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    Get rid of Adblock Plus and install ublock origin faster than quick.
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    @irene can ublock selectively block js too?

    Ddg is duckduckgo, the addon is pretty much a mix of https everywhere and ghostery
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    unistall adblock plus its shit and allows ads and install ublock orign, once thats installed unistall ghostery as ublock has antitracking and lots of other features.
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    Can recommend uMatrix instead of NoScript. NoScript allows some scripts by default and bothers you when you start Firefox.
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    @ArchLinux ...Seriously?! 😠
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    @ArchLinux How did you manage to crash sites? o.O

    The amount of things you can do can be overwhelming at first, but it's not that complicated. Tbh I find it pretty easy to use.
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    @ArchLinux Of course sites will not work, if you block everything. :'D
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