Udemy got call out for stealing YouTuber's contents again. Last time was Tory, the guy in charge Australia Microsoft security. (Guess they picked the wrong target)
This time is Chris, who makes some awesome free YouTube Python tutorials.

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    @g-m-f many newbies think udemy is better than college. They ignore the fact Erem Bali stated with speed date.😳
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    @irene wow. I think it's shutting down. You're OK with a guy promoting under age sex, but suddenly becomes academic guru on the the next day?
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    @irene I might be wrong. But I don't have good impression on any sort of dating sites.🙄
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    @irene wow, it's alright. My logic is weird. 🤦‍♂️
    My boss often ask my why my English so bad despite with a master degree.
    I said if I can't make any sense with my first language, how can I get my English right 😓
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    @irene I just don't think he's a legitimate guy.
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