Whenener I say that I'm a videogame programing student, why is still everyone judging me like "so you have no future" or "so you spend your days gaming..."
I'm not studying on stack overflow, I'm in a specialized school and I DO have a social life besides that 😡

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    what's the name of the school? 😍
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    ISART@D3add3d it's in France
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    @CodaKairos thanks, the question now is, do I have the required school results and time to send an application? (and also the required finances to study in France)
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    Hmm it may be hard if you live in Slovakia but you still can try ^^
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    People don't understand the value of the entertainment industry.
    (Not just monetary value, other kinds too)
    They think it's a bunch of people who don't do "real" work.
    I'm looking towards a career there myself, I've heard all of that rubbish.
    Keep at it, buddy.
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    @RememberMe thanks friend
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    Also, there's a lot of interest of the regular industry e.g. to train people for hazardous situations or working with expensive equipment (so you don't fuck up a million dollars machine during training) or harbor monitoring etc. I could go on for a while...
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    You know one of the best things about our fields is that everyone believes that you are useless or will make absolutely no money.

    Usually it's family members (for me, members I don't like) and in the end, you get to prove them wrong after you're the one with the big paychecks.
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    @uziiuzair I hope so 😇 I'm working hard for that
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    @CodaKairos you'd love the feeling after you accomplish well beyond their expectations!
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