Not sure if I love or hate haskell... It's awesome, but then again the syntax is so fucking confusing...

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    Have you learned about monads yet? This is where i stopped learning. Haskell is powerfull but hard to master. Like a airplane when all you did before was driving cars.
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    As a Haskell student as well I can perfectly relate 😅😅 but so far I'm still loving it hehe
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    @YouAreAPIRate took a look at it, but didn't fully comprehend it yet. There was actually a video on youtube, where a guy explained it using division of the larger number by the smaller, where he first started with `Maybe Double` and in the end used a monat
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    @MrJimmy my current cource is actrually called Formal Methods and Functional Programing (FMFP)
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    I salute you man. I gave up after only a couple of lessons. The darned language is hard af. Interesting indeed but hard!
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