When you see a recruiting ad asking for experience in "vanilla.js", you know they have no idea what they're talking about 🤦‍♂️

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    I had never heard of this before but oh boy - http://vanilla-js.com/
    This is great XD
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    @evanjs I know this. It doesn't provide anything extra compare to es6. Kind a joke 🙄
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    @sunfishcc yeah I should've made that more obvious, sorry. Was simply sharing for others that didn't know. I'm aware it's complete satire haha. Even has links to MDN JS docs on the bottom of the page, etc.
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    @evanjs I think this was a thing when jquery was a thing. 😂 And they are both terrible things
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    I'd actually hire somebody truely proficient in VanillaJS. There are so many frontend developers floating around that are able to hack together some fancy (but bloaty) website, but don't have a basic grasp of the actual programming language they're working in. When I once mentioned the term "closures", a frontend developer replied, he'd rather not use such esoteric features, for they'd just complicate the code. But he had closures all over the place in his code (copy-paste from StackOverflow, I guess), just wasn't aware of the underlying concept.
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    I'm pretty sure the ad author knows what he/she was talking about. You just assume they fell for a joke almost nobody ever fell for...
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    @Huuugo If the same recruiter also looking for people with 4year+ experience in React🤦‍♂️, what do you think?
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