Does anyone else have this neverending drive for perfection in their software? One that has consumed every personal project, causing rewrite after rewrite so it would finally be perfect. Only to realize that perfection is impossible you are the guy who just wasted his entire weekend and has yet to finish a single project.

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    Absolutely. Sometimes it's a good thing because I can't stand uncommented code for example. But it sometimes drives my colleague mad when I'm about to rewrite the whole stack because I found a better and more elegant way to solve the problem. It's about to find the right balance I guess, but that point seems hard to find 😄
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    Sir you have perfectly summed up the reason why my free-time projects were never finished. At work I'm perfectly fine with a working solution that passes tests. But my hobby projects...
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    Damn!!! Bro you just nailed it straight down. Reasons why I have dumped several personal projects
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