Currently working on a web platform for a building management company for the last 6 months.

Setup web server, database and developed the whole using laravel and vue.

They are in the testing phase now, so I implemented IPSec so that they can only access it from their office.

Thing is, they don’t have a static IP, so when they had to switch over to a backup connection yesterday, I had to add their new IP in my whitelist.

Today I get and email from their manager, saying that after a discussion he had with his assistant, the web app is not in the “cloud”!!! He got that because I had to “do something” to restore access to it yesterday and because “there isn’t an icon you can double-click” on each employees’ desktop!!!

Don’t even know how to respond to that!!!

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    Technically he's right. The app is not in the cloud. But you can move it there and you can create a shortcut icon on every possible device.

    True, that guy has a weird understanding of tech. But discussing with him isn't worth it.
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    We use AWS to host the linux VMs hosting the database and the web server... How much more “cloud” can we get?
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    @literaln my bad, when you said you added ipsec i thought you used your own infrastructure. But i really don't know what that guy thinks "cloud" is. Over the time it became a buzzword so meaningless, you can call every large server cloud. Even those floating water tanks in the sky are clouds now...

    TL;DR: i hope you find something easy to give him the "cloud feeling" to make him shut up
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    @YouAreAPIRate Will probably just add a cloud image on the login screen! Cause when you see a cloud asking for user/pass then you are definitely on the “cloud”!
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    @literaln true, once they manager can brag about "using the cloud in his company" he should be happy. I never understood the hype, you're just using someone elses computer. A company i make software for even runs their desktop environment in the cloud. Why?
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