So I bought a new phone, I was super excited getting it, I even got to open it at work with my colleagues watching. It was really nice, the S8 is an attractive phone... Until it started crashing very very regularly. I want to go back to my old phone, that's how bad it is. Turns out this is a common experience, how can this be at the top of all the review lists if it has this problem? Is the assumption that you are going to install stock android as soon as you get it? Or is someone paying for reviews?

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    I've got a few family members with the s8 I have the s7 and had an s6, literally never any issues with mine, and all my family members love there s8, could just be the carrier you're with has something pre-installed that's causing the issue? Samsung themselves don't push the os out, they give it to the carries and they add stuff to it before it reaches the user.
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    I've been developing VR apps on the S8 for a year now, I have pushed the phone quite hard and I've never really experienced any issues. Did you get it new or refurb?
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    @hexc I've got the s8 as business/work phone and as for the phone itself, I love it!
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    In all honesty, these days Samsung has gone to shit. They used to be good, the S4 is still one of my favourite phones, and it's almost 5 years old. But the S8 is trash. Nice hardware, yeah, but then you get Samsung locking it down, closing the source to stop custom ROM developers from making it actually a decent phone, and forcing you to use touchwiz, which has been cancer since, well, touchwiz. I cannot live without the flexibility of an AOSP-based ROM, and I currently use Resurrection Remix as my daily driver, because it just works so well. Having to deal with preinstalled Facebook and Microsoft apps on Samsung, when I only use Google, not to mention that Bixby cannot be turned off, and the dedicated button can only be "remapped" via an accessibility task. The few good points of Samsung for me are just thrown out the window by all the bad points/issues that Samsung has. In all honesty, just get a Google Pixel.
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