Just find out Firefox developer edition has better debug tools than Chrome 😎

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    Does firefox have a websocket inspector? That's the one thing i find missing in firefox.
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    I can see the ws tab under network, but the console is blank, while chrome is able to log data from the same page. So I would say NO. WS doesn't work 😨
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    @sunfishcc there is an addon for firefox though. Still, it's not the same than having something like that in the native devtools
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    @YouAreAPIRate I found the screen shot based on Dom elements and the jump into compiled js file from source map are really handy.
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    @sunfishcc Happy Realisation
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    That is unless you execute "hail dear mighty leader Sundar Pichai!"
    Once executed, you get all the crazy shit you need to develop software for google.
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