It was more of "Hate story" with a guy whose mere presence would irritate me very much. He was also close to the girl I liked a bit (not very huge crush or something).

So he was very active on two of his social networks one being fb and second directly connected to fb so basically getting hold of fb would mean that I could control his other one too.

It was Oct 2016 and that time you could easily hack an account using social hacking (not asking OTP out something mere details did it for few accounts).

I hacked his account and wrote curse words and all. As I had already changed the email and password, he couldn't till date retrieve it.
However as he reported to fb, his account was held and I could no longer access it but till then everything was over.
I couldn't still spot him on FB or the other social network.
And this was one of the most evil act I have performed in my life.

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