I know a senior developer that knows quite a bit, im glad, this is how we grow. He has a habbit of wanting to be the main attraction in all conversations, either tlaking louder than others or sticking to a point in a subject he is not correct in to try force his opinion (i dont speak kuch around him because of this exact reason).

Today we talking about react, we have been working together as i am suppose to transition into senior and we are going incremently rewrite the application in react. So learning react was fun as you could imgine. I came from a background already knowing this and being exposed and that is react and react native. For skme reason i let him talk but he doesnt me especiallt knowing im correcr about something because we have the internet to check things. He looks at me and literally goes red in his face when i suggest standards that would make the code easier to read. Less to type and all the small things and showing him old things i worked on to give a base for him to work off and be there when he needs. Allnhe does is complain and i dont know how to tell him he has a way of approaching a situation not the best andni worry for other junior/mid developers that has to work with him because he will make them believe they are wrong and when they arent hust because he wont calm his ego. We are suppose to be in the community all together to build platforms and progress the sector and better the lives of people. Not waste time picking on eachother. We have prefeences abd we can debate that is important as it allows us to doubt and then make us want to learn more. I just wish there was a way to tell him because we all know. Noone would want to work with someone that is suppose to better you in your career and as a person

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    He sounds insecure. Best advice I can give is tell him you are concerned he doesn't respect your opinion.

    Hopefully he'll at least start to notice what he's doing.
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