Surprise surprise, that unrealistic deadline you set even when the engineering team told you that it wasn't going to work has backfired! Maybe you wouldn't be so stressed if you learnt to listen? It's a pretty basic skill, or at least I thought so.
Oh and when you say "we have two options, stay late or work weekends" you have a critical bug in your conditional. Your missing option 3, go the fuck home. Time to enjoy my weekend with friends and family.

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    The problem is not, that they don't listen.
    The problem they do not even try to say "No" to the client or at least try to negotiate a better project schedule.

    It's just easier to build up the pressure internally.
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    @ddephor Yes! I have no words which can express how fucking right you are. If I was a client I'd be scared by all these "yes men".
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    By prior actions, I would say that the 'we' in "we have two options" is the royal 'we' ;)
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    I’d recommend finding a boss with an actual backbone. A leader doesn’t let the client walk all over them and then strong-arm his guys into working much harder than is necessary.
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