Every time I have a question my boss answers with another question.


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    "Did you really?"
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    Mine does shit like
    "Just between you and me..." the follows it by trying to sell me on building a feature he's trying to sell to clients.

    All that asshole does is sell.
    Every time he opens his mouth he's selling.

    It's so tiring.
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    @wokeRoach I should post a pic of my (semi-related) alcohol cabinet. 🙂
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    @Root ahhh the wonders of working for a snake oil salesmen... Put you guard down for a seccy and boom, you're working for free bc he convinced you about his "groundbreaking project"
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    My boss only accepts CRLF answers :(
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    Here's one of my two cabinets. 😊

    The other one contains:
    • Bombay Sapphire gin
    • Cointreau
    • Midori
    • Legado tequila
    • Tower vodka (meh)
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    @wokeRoach it's my new favorite vodka. It's extremely smooth, with almost no taste whatsoever. And it isn't expensive, either!

    My second favorite is Tito's.

    (Also, that mead makes me a little envious ~)
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    @wokeRoach did we have this conversation before or was that with someone else?

    I'm too tired to remember. 🙁
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    @wokeRoach same for me with Tito's haha

    Deep Eddy is amazing for its smoothness, but doesn't make me feel anything (but drunk, obv). By contrast, Tito's makes me feel happy. Goose makes me tired/sad; Belvedere... just awful.
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