I love it when companies expect you to care about their vision and act like the work is 100x more important than it is.

Oh yes and of course no overtime pay or decent salary that'd be too much!


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    On the flip side of that if you don't feel like you're being treated fairly and/or compensated properly, you're free to go find another company that will. I mean this to be inspiring and not condescending. If you're as valuable as you believe you are, you don't have to put up with that. Find an employer that you are happy to agree with on salary, hours, and expectations.
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    @Vitoc I don't overestimate how valuable I am to them and that wasn't really the rant ;)

    Plus... Yes I am free to look for something else but there's always the risk it's going to be worse and it doesn't look good leaving companies too soon.

    A rant here and there helps keep me sane though :)
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    @ponyboy3 no I meant the company I am in now
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