In a mediocre job since last 4 years with just a developer designation, but we simply use Java based tools and products to do most of our job. Need to study for a change in job.

Literally every morning:
"Let me see what to focus on: JavaScript/Java/C++/Python/Data science/ML/AI/NodeJS/...." The list goes on.

Every Evening:
"I need to focus on Data Structures and Algorithms. So let me stick to Java for now."

Next Day:
Back to the same routine.

2 months have passed and I have not seriously studied or concentrated on anything :(


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    I started with C and Java too. The best way to proceed is to start using python for algorithm testing. It helps you get acclimated to the language while also getting the job done. But then I am still in college. I don't know much. Good luck with it! Hoping for the best!
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    Pick one and don't wander around you will not be Able to achieve anything for sake of everything
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