Staying nice.

I care about the product we're creating. More than I care about the feelings of my coworkers... and that's not always a strategically sound plan.

Getting annoyed with someone rarely helps make them see things your way — even when you're objectively right, and they're absolutely to blame for all that is wrong.

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    Are you on that period?
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    @iSeePixels On my period, yes, I think so.

    Permanently. I'm always grumpy, and I eat lots of chocolate ice cream. I don't know if the non-stop bleeding from my dick is supposed to happen though.
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    But how do you make them learn when some of them don’t wanna put in the effort?
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    It's a balance I think. You process the most stubborn ones into hamburgers, then you organize a bbq to sell the idea of writing unit tests to the remainder of the team.
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