My first rant here, don't know how to start, but fuck these self proclaimed senior developers who can't even get their concepts right about basic things and don't believe in reading docs.

Fuck you for asking if sequelize has a method to return details of the logged in user of your app, it's a fucking ORM you dumbfuck. You are a "full stack" developer for fuck's sake.

Fuck you for making those "minor changes" which breaks build and then blame it on any random plugin or lib used, or my commits.

Fuck you for expecting me to review your code on Sundays because you couldn't finish it on time.

I don't like java, at all, but even I get that without it we wouldn't be where we are right now and can't reach where we aspire to reach. But you can't keep chanting "Java is dead, Java is dead" every chance you get. No, it's NOT dead. Nor is going to, anytime soon.

And for god's sake, please stop choosing one library/plugin over another just on the basis of stars on repo, it's not the only (or valid) criteria. Look if you actually even need it. Think.

And please learn how to google first, and also stop using "the" before every the noun, the adjective and the verb. It's the fucking the annoying to read.

And yes, there are different linting presets out there, and just because a piece of code in a plugin/library/boilerplate is not following your specific, and may I say horrible standard, doesn't mean it's a "bad code". It's written by people who have created/worked-on these libraries as side projects on which your entire career is based upon.

And I haven't even talked about the code you write or your domain knowledge or the way you treat other people. So get off your high horse and behave like a developer, a real one.

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    Wow, this is refreshing... rant my fellow ranter.
    Here's a ++, welcome.
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    Preach my friend
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    It's sad because I could say the same thing about so-called "seniors" and "leads" where I work. I almost thought you _were_ talking about where I work until you started listing off specific technologies that we don't even use.
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    @scruple it doesn't matter what we use here, they always find a way to fuck things up. ALWAYS.
    The data model I am working on is not even in 1NF, and no, I am not exaggerating. So you can imagine.
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    After reading that, are you sure you have the right name? If your rant is anything to go by you are going to be a very CompetentCoder one day if you aren't already.
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    @smallTalker Thanks! but I don't think I am a competent coder, yet.
    Also, does this count as small talk? :)
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    Very, very good. Let the steam go!
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    @ineptCoder that depends on whether you're referring to the programming language or the social skill :P
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    Choosing a library based on the stars of the repo is a common error:
    the evaluation should be based on the project logo, cute animals are the best!
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    @plokko Trello FTW!
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