I have been a professional Dev for about a year for a cyber security startup. Unfortunately, startup died do to finance mismanagement. My lead Dev said that he wanted to start a co-op contract business and since we all work great together than we should stick around. So we tried to obtain contracts and it is going much slower than imagine. I am going on my second month of no work or contract work. I'm working on my own site to do some freelance work on the side for myself offering ever, marketing and ERP software services. That is the goal for side hustle. However, for the main hustle well I'm stressed now of being home and we'll meetings not turning into money. I actually want to call it quits and do my own thing and look for normal gig. It just feels rough as he has been my mentor and offered me my first software gig. I don't feel like I own anyone anything I'm regards money or time. However, I do feel bad of I take off it will hurt them from being able to handle larger contract if they do get one.

Note: I'm pulling from my savings


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    I don't know what your budget looks like as far as money coming in to money going out, but a word of advice. Eventually this will most likely come down to one decision: do you care more about that company or having a place to sleep and food to eat? I know which one is more important to me.
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    Take care of yourself first. If your friends are harming your goals, then it's time to break the chain. It they don't understand at first they will over time. Just be open and honest. I know confrontation is hard, but sometimes we have to fight to get to a better place.

    I wish you well in your journey
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    How about looking for a ~60% job? You'd still be there for 2 days a week and if it takes off, you could still get back to working fulltime.
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