Focusing. I'm part of two teams that use slack, office 365, email, jira, and Trello to communicate simultaneously. I'm expected to respond to urgent messages--so I'm in productivity-killing notification hell and it's really taking a toll. :(

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    Welcone to Devrant. go and update your avatar.
    try to put it all in a Central feed location and monitor all from there. or ignore it all, until someone is shouting.
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    My motto: Anything that isn't worth a phone call isn't urgent.
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    I put no' disturb if you need me call me blocks in my calendar where I just don't check anything
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    Notification hell, know how it feels.
    Try a oneplace Chat app like Rambox. Only way to solve shit like this 😉
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    @MoboTheHobo THANKS for this. i don't know why i hadn't tried one of those--i think i thought all the O365 stuff wouldn't work with it, but it totally does. being able to snooze all notifications at once is freaking life-changing.
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    @sw9000 no Problem, you're welcome 😄
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