Called in on a Saturday... I’d rather have my underwear ride up for the rest of my life than having to deal with your bitch ass not knowing how to run a FUCKING computer.

No, I promise it’s working fine you dense fuck. You just don’t know how to fucking run it. Perhaps instead of calling me in, why not ask your other coworkers how to preform the task that you’re failing to learn.

And the shit thing is, I’ve explained this so many fucking times. It’s not my fault you won’t retain the mother fucking information you cheeky bastard.

STOP FUCKING CALLING ME! - who the fuck even gave you my personal number you fuck!

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    You get paid for that, right?
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    @Kimmax Yeah, but I’d rather be working on my side projects... it’s honestly not worth the pay nor the headache.
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    Guess what?!?! I’M FUCKING HERE AGAIN!
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    Write it out. Refer him to "step number three, fucking twelfth word. Now go eat a rake."

    If he throws a fit, fire him.
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    @Root I’ll definitely try that, I’m so sick of this shit I’ll try anything. About to upload a public doc and do the “let me google that for you” instructions just to get the point across.
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